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2012 Rural Community Conference - 2012 Recordings

Recording Links

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Course Name Presenter(s) Recording Link
Welcome and introductions Afternoon Keynote Doug Steele (MSU Extension) and Linda Reed (Montana Community Foundation); Keynote address by Don Macke (Rural Policy Research Institute Center for Rural Entrepreneurship) Webinar Icon

Evening Keynote

Video welcome by Senator Max Baucus Introduction by Matt Jones (USDA Rural Development); Keynote address by Bruce Nelson (Farm Service Agency) Webinar Icon
Rural panel Matt Jones (USDA Rural Development), Sabrina Matteson (American Farm Bureau), Jim Smitham (Butte Local Development Corporation), and Tom Kaiserski (Energy Promotion and Development) Webinar Icon
A Windshield of Community Change During a Boom Brent Moore, CTA Webinar Icon
Complete Streets for All Montanans - A Toolkit & Success Stories Cathy Costakis, Montana Nutrition and Physical
Activity Program & Joe Gilpin, Alta Planning + Design
Webinar Icon
Dept of Commerce: Energy Promotion & Development
Tom Kaiserski, Program Manager Webinar Icon
Entrepreneurship Panel Cindy Kittredge, Montana Arts Council, Sarah Calhoun, Red Ants Pants, Jan Tusick,Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center Webinar Icon
Montana Economic Development Tool Chest Business Expansion & Retention Program: Mike O’Rourke, Gloria O’Rourke, Michael Jackson, &
Dave Morey
Webinar Icon
Ready community --building disaster-resiliant places Barb Andreozzi, FEMA Facilitator of Deer Lodge pilot project Webinar Icon
Healthcare in Frontier Communities Natalie Claiborne, Lisa Benzel, Lawrence White, Jr. & Mary Helgeson Webinar Icon
Coming Together to Expand Montana’s Tourism Story Victor Bjornberg & Pam Gosink, MT Office of Tourism & Maclaren Latta, MercuryCSC Webinar Icon
Putting Transfer of Wealth Into Practice Don Macke, Rural Policy Research Institute Center for Rural Entrepreneurship Webinar Icon
Utilizing E-Commerce in Rural Communities   Janelle Booth & Joel Schumacher, MSU Extension & Anne Booth, Triangle Communications Webinar Icon
Projects to Build Community (American Farm Bureau & USDA Rural Development) - Initial audio is very quiet but sound improves at 9:45.  Please adjust speakers accordingly Sabrina Matteson (American Farm Bureau), Matt
Jones (USDA), & Tom Gurr, Pacific Technology Alliance
Webinar Icon
Part 2 of Projects to Build Community (American Farm Bureau & USDA Rural Development) Sabrina Matteson (American Farm Bureau), Matt
Jones (USDA), & Tom Gurr, Pacific Technology Alliance
Webinar Icon
One Montana Lisa Titus, One Montana Webinar Icon
Integrating Policy & Program into Organizational
Strategic Planning:
Tom Jacobson, Rural Dynamics Inc. Webinar Icon

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